KPIC Maintenance Services

KPIC and FWS have well established footprints in the Ag sector. This enables us to understand each other’s business and provide combined knowledge that benefit clients -both mutual and independent. KPIC and other FWS companies’ independent operations combine to provide connected skillset resources under one roof.


KPIC’s independent operations allows it to maintain a unique level of nimbleness and efficiency that’s required for cost effective maintenance service solutions. High safety and quality assurance standards must resonate throughout KPIC operations, as it shares clients’ concerns for safe efficient work sites,




These are the 24/7 emergency response team that operating facilities rely upon to ensure that downtime is minimized following a breakdown.


These services involve the repairs and unscheduled maintenance required to avert an escalation to Emergency status.


The regularly scheduled, ongoing maintenance required for operating facilities to avoid costly breakdowns and business interruption.

Small Project

Often performed in concert with scheduled maintenance, includes small capital improvement projects of relatively short duration.

KPIC Maintenance Services TEAM

Chris Reimer

Regional Manager, Saskatchewan West

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Dave Schwanke

Regional Manager, Saskatchewan West

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Glenn Good

Regional Manager, Saskatchewan East

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Ken Morrison

Business Development

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Kevin Perrin

Managing Director

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Ian Cunningham

Regional Manager, Manitoba

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Derek Good

Project Development

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Harold Johnson

Regional Manager, Ontario

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Kirsten Carson

Operations Manager

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