KPIC Maintenance Services Inc.


Ensuring facilities remain in optimal condition from coast-to-coast, KPIC offers a high-level of efficiency that’s required for cost-effective, maintenance and repair solutions.



  • 24/7 emergency response/repair services,
  • On-site availability within four hours, the provided site is located within three hours of the closest service team,
  • Minimizes downtime when a facility is no longer operable as a function of equipment breakdown.



  • Repair services and unscheduled maintenance required to avoid escalation to emergency status,
  • Attendance on-site within 24 hours to assess the situation and commence immediate repairs,
  • Recognizes facility operations are not completely shut down, but adversely impacted by conditions.



  • Regular scheduled preventative maintenance performed by KPIC personnel,
  • Avoids costly breakdowns and business interruption minimizes downtime, and ensures optimal facility operating conditions,
  • Scheduled within two weeks of receipt of order, equipment/material availability permitting,
  • We offer complimentary onsite inspections during the warranty period on all of our greenfield FWS projects.



  • Small, short-duration capex work required as per client’s request,
  • Performed in concert with regularly scheduled maintenance work, or when specifically scheduled,
  • Depending on the complexity, design/engineering requirements, and equipment/machinery availability, work can be performed within one to two months from the date requested.


  • 24/7 parts and equipment procurement services.
  • Source almost any part at wholesale pricing.

KPIC Maintenance Services

Kevin Perrin
Managing Director
204 384 1212 |

Kirsten Carson
Operations Manager
204 928 8768 |

Ian Cunningham
Manager, Industrial Processing
204 871 5001 |

Harold Johnson
Regional Manager, Ontario
519 639 4899 |

Chris Reimer
Regional Manager, Manitoba
306 450 8953 |

Glenn Good
Regional Manager, Saskatchewan East
306 620 5811 |

Dave Schwanke
Regional Manager, Saskatchewan West

Derek Good
Project Development
204 296 2725 |

Kevin Perrin

Managing Director

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