In-to-End Solutions and Beyond

Providing all-inclusive expertise spanning industries, processes and outcomes.

FWS possesses a unique expertise rooted in decades of industry leadership. Starting as a small General Contractor in 1953, we grew and evolved with our clients to deliver to an industry-spanning and global customer base. From potash mines to canola crush plants to container transload terminals, we understand the complexities of and need to optimize for your build’s inputs, throughputs and outputs.

Flow Through Is Everything

With our unparalleled experience in raw/bulk material handling, refinement, processing and distribution, we understand the critical importance of flowthrough. From project planning to completion and beyond, our focus is to continually evaluate and enhance the efficiencies and interdependencies between your:


Whether we’re helping you calculate optimal intake capacity, planning for rail and/or vehicle traffic control, establishing on-site storage requirements or factoring in the costs and timelines of spoilage, FWS guarantees your build will be input-optimized from the start.


We understand that our clients’ facilities are more than just office spaces and that their desired ROI rests on the entire build operating like a well-oiled machine. That’s why we consider factors like operational redundancies and bottleneck mitigation; technology specifications and future capacity requirements; material, labour and utility consumption costs; as well as product testing and quality control as part of every build.


As production-based assets, FWS understands that your facilities will produce both wanted and potentially unwanted outputs. That’s why we help our clients consider and plan for product preparation and packaging needs; finished goods storage and spoilage capacities; safety and labour standards; and environmental and/or jurisdictional pressures before breaking ground.


To ensure that our clients’ facilities are generating the value they desire from day one to day 10,001, we plan and build with maintenance in mind, considering factors such as ease of access to equipment and machinery for better serviceability, standardization of site materials for ease of repair and replacement, and the overall quality of equipment to improve and extend lifetime expectancy.

Our expertise stays with you, providing full support for the lifespan of your project.