Precision, Professionalism, Safety & Quality

FWS Group of Companies is proud to celebrate our 65th anniversary and our ongoing commitment to safety, quality of life and optimum value in all the communities we serve.


Our Business Units

FWS Companies are diverse in terms of target markets and skillsets possessed. This diversity allows our entities to work independently or partner together, to provide clients with access to efficient specialized services.


Having designed and constructed well over 150 significant storage and processing facilities, FWS is recognized as perhaps  Canada’s foremost Ag-Industrial project developers.

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Bulk Material Handling

Long experienced with agriculture oriented BMH, FWS has taken this to a new level with its focus on port, mining and other major industrial requirements.

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Recognizing the potential for a new approach to energy sector project development, FWS secured an experienced team of sector specialists with proven skill sets.

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KPIC Maintenance Services

KPIC is a majority owned subsidiary and member of The FWS Group of Companies (FWS). KPIC is recognized as one of the best industrial maintenance providers in Manitoba.

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Confidence Crane Services

Confidence Crane Ltd. (CCL) is a wholly owned subsidiary and member of The FWS Group of Companies. CCL possess the resources and knowledge to assure optimal control over project scheduling and execution.

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Sunstone Development Services

Sunstone Group participates in socially responsible real estate opportunities that enhance and benefit the local community. Sunstone is committed to building value through creativity, innovation and hard work.

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