Originating in 1953 as a small general contractor specializing in residential construction, FWS steadily evolved into a highly reputable project development and turn-key industrial construction firm operating in a growing number of industry sectors.

With client demand defining our path, FWS serves the needs of a growing number of industries within the agribusiness, liquid and gas handling, mining and transportation sectors. We have a history of delivering successful projects to clients who demand uncompromising safety, quality, timely project execution, transparent and accountable costing, and a business relationship built on trust. 

Our comprehensive solutions serve these and other key industries:
  • Aggregates
  • Animal Feed
  • Forestry and Biomass
  • Fertilizer
  • Food & Beverage
  • Grain
  • Mining
  • Natural Gas
  • Pet Food
  • Renewable Energy

FWS is recognized as one of the foremost Ag-Industrial project developers in North America. Having designed and built 200+ storage and processing facilities, we stand out as the sector leader. In meeting clients’ evolving needs, FWS expanded beyond our agricultural foundation to encompass port, mining and other bulk material handling facilities. FWS supports a variety of food processing facilities’ piping and design needs as it relates to their liquid and gas handling infrastructure.