Unveiling The Six Tenets Of Lean Construction: Part One

January 8, 2024

  The construction industry is often associated with waste, budget overruns and schedule delays. However, we embrace lean construction principles […]

Chart of the six tenets of lean construction


The construction industry is often associated with waste, budget overruns and schedule delays. However, we embrace lean construction principles to transform how we operate. These principles are crucial to our approach, and we believe in the six tenets that drive our success today. These tenets work together to create a culture of efficiency and excellence within our organization. 


In this two-part blog series, we will delve into these six fundamental principles of lean construction that have revolutionized the industry. Part One will focus on three essential pillars: generation of value, removal of waste and focus on process & flow. These principles guide our decisions, ensuring that our work aligns with our client’s needs and that resources are utilized efficiently to minimize waste and streamline our processes. 


Generation Of Value 


The first tenet centers around understanding and delivering what our clients truly value. We recognize that the client defines value, and it extends beyond just the end product or service. By aligning our processes and actions with the client’s definition of value– what they really care about, we can ensure that we create meaningful outcomes and eliminate unnecessary waste. Identifying what the client considers valuable is crucial to avoid waste. Value is not limited to products alone; it relates to every aspect of the process that meets the client’s needs. 


Removal Of Waste 


Waste consumes time, resources or space without adding value to the final product or service. By identifying and eliminating waste, we can optimize our processes, allocate resources more efficiently and avoid compromises in quality. Recognizing waste requires a shift in mindset and a keen eye for inefficiencies that may have become ingrained in traditional practices. However, by learning to see waste and taking action to remove it, we can avoid compromise and deliver greater value.  


Focus On Process & Flow 


Every task we perform is part of a more extensive process, and flow is the forward movement through that process. By prioritizing flow efficiency, we eliminate non-value-adding steps and obstacles, ensuring we remain focused on stable and reliable workflow. This emphasis on improving flow efficiency allows us to effectively generate value and remove waste. 


Stay tuned for Part Two, where we will explore the remaining three tenets of lean: continuous improvement, respect for people and optimizing the whole. Discover how our commitment to growth and development empowers our team to innovate and deliver exceptional outcomes. Furthermore, we’ll shed light on how fostering a culture of respect and collaboration enhances productivity and creates a supportive work environment that drives success. 


Are you ready to embark on a construction journey that maximizes value while minimizing costs and delays? Whether you have a small-scale project or a large-scale endeavour, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today and unlock the potential of lean construction with FWS. Let’s build a future marked by efficiency, sustainability, and lasting value together.  

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