The Importance of Basic Personal Protective Equipment for Workplace Safety

June 19, 2023

  FWS prioritizes the well-being and safety of employees above all else. In situations where hazards cannot be effectively controlled […]


FWS prioritizes the well-being and safety of employees above all else. In situations where hazards cannot be effectively controlled by using engineering and administrative controls, personal protective equipment (PPE) is utilized. Basic PPE serves as a vital line of defense, minimizing exposure and contact with potential hazards, whether physical, chemical or biological. Our commitment to ensuring the proper selection, use and maintenance of PPE guarantees a safe working environment for our valued workforce. 


Appropriate PPE Selection 


We understand that different hazards require specific protective measures; therefore, selecting the right PPE for each task is paramount in keeping our workers safe. Basic PPE may include hard hats, safety boots, safety glasses, gloves, high-visibility vests and hearing protection for those exposed to noise levels exceeding 82 dB. By carefully considering the nature of the hazards associated with each task, we ensure that our employees are equipped with the most suitable protective gear. 


Inspection And Maintenance 


To ensure the ongoing effectiveness of PPE, adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions, regular inspection and maintenence are vital. All PPE must be visually inspected at the time of issuance and before each use. Any signs of wear or damage should be addressed promptly. Neglecting maintenance can compromise the protective capabilities of the equipment, exposing workers to potential hazards. It is essential to document all inspections and maintenance activities to ensure accountability and traceability. 


Identifying And Removing Faulty PPE 


Any PPE that is damaged, of questionable reliability or requires service or repair must be immediately removed from service. To communicate their unsuitability, such equipment should be tagged as “out of service.” Only qualified personnel should handle the inspection and repair process. By swiftly addressing faulty PPE, we ensure the continued safety of our employees. 


Adhering To Manufacturer’s Instructions 


Modifying or altering PPE contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions can jeopardize its integrity and effectiveness. To ensure optimal protection, our employees are advised to strictly follow the guidelines provided by the equipment manufacturers. By doing so, we maintain the original design and intended functionality of the PPE. 


Proper Cleaning And Storage 


Proper cleaning and storage practices further enhance the longevity and effectiveness of PPE. Hard hats should be regularly cleaned with warm water and soap, avoiding solvents or harsh detergents. Safety glasses and goggles should be cleaned with mild soap and water or lens wipes. Gloves that are worn or damaged should be promptly replaced. Safety shoes should be wiped with a clean cloth or paper towel when wet or soiled and aired out after work. Additionally, storing PPE in a clean, dry area free from sunlight or contaminants, guarantees its readiness for future use. 


While the use of PPE cannot eliminate hazards, it significantly reduces the risk of injury. FWS is committed to upholding the highest standards of safety, and the use of basic PPE is an integral part of our safety culture. Together, let’s prioritize safety and protect each other by embracing the use of PPE in our daily work routines. 


If you are passionate about working in an organization that prioritizes the well-being of its employees and provides ample opportunities for professional development, we invite you to explore career opportunities with us. Join our dedicated team and contribute to creating safer work environments while making a meaningful impact.  

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