FWS’ Employee Referral Program

April 15, 2024

  FWS recognizes that the most valuable resource for quality recruitment is within our ranks. In 2022, we introduced the […]

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FWS recognizes that the most valuable resource for quality recruitment is within our ranks. In 2022, we introduced the Employee Referral Program (ERP) to leverage the vast network of our employees. The primary aim of this initiative is to motivate our team members to tap into their industry connections and share the exceptional opportunities available at FWS. 


Leveraging the Power of Employee Networks 


In the HR world, the reality is that most incoming job applications often lack the required qualifications. The ERP is our response to this challenge. We believe in our employees’ ability to identify suitable candidates who understand the position and align with our organizational culture. It’s a significant shift from traditional advertising methods, where potential hires might not understand who we are and what we do.  


Benefits Of Employee Referral Programs 


Our employees are our best advocates. When a colleague speaks passionately about FWS, it resonates with authenticity. This personal touch often prompts individuals to not only consider applying but also helps them showcase a genuine interest during interviews. This organic connection between our workforce and potential candidates creates an ideal scenario for seamless onboarding and integration. It’s also a win-win, as employees refer to those who possess the necessary skills and resonate with our values.  


We encourage our employees to look beyond immediate circles and reach out to family, friends and industry contacts. By leveraging their network in the industry, our employees become crucial conduits for connecting with potential candidates who understand the dynamics and demands of our sector. 


New Incentive Program  


In response to the dynamic nature of the labour market and our projected hiring needs, we introduced an enhanced incentive program in 2023. Referring employees are now eligible for up to $1,200 for every successful hire placed in a permanent position. This incentive reflects our commitment to acknowledging and rewarding our employees’ contributions and serves as a testament to our dedication to building a high-quality workforce for the future. 


If you have someone in mind who would be a great addition to our team, we encourage you to contact HR and make a connection. On the other hand, if you’re an individual without any existing connections to FWS but are interested in joining us, please explore our Careers page to discover a role that suits you. 

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