Exploring Alternative Protein Production

May 13, 2024

  In 2017, our design engineers journeyed to France, seeking expertise in protein isolation – the process of extracting and […]

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In 2017, our design engineers journeyed to France, seeking expertise in protein isolation – the process of extracting and purifying specific proteins from complex mixtures. This trip laid the foundation for our venture into alternative and plant-based protein. Some of the projects we’ve undertaken since then include the construction of a pea protein plant, a flour mill facility as well as malt and barley storage structures. 


Researching Emerging Markets 


Our entry into the alternative protein industry was grounded in meticulous research and thorough market analysis. Understanding emerging markets became paramount. We invested substantial time and effort in identifying critical components for designing and constructing industrial-scale facilities. This educational investment has enabled us to maintain a competitive edge in the landscape of alternative protein production. 


Building Strategic Alliances 


Throughout our journey, we realized the significance of establishing partnerships with process vendors and industry process equipment manufacturers. These carefully nurtured relationships have allowed us to access the latest advancements and technological innovations in the alternative protein sector. Through these relationships, we have been able to leverage the expertise of leading equipment providers. 


Adherence To Regulatory Standards 


Recognizing the pivotal role of regulatory compliance in food production, we take pride in our intimate knowledge of the regulations and requirements set forth by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), a food safety standard benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative. This comprehension enables us to construct facilities that prioritize food safety, ensuring the highest level of quality and integrity in the production of alternative proteins.  


Hygienic Design Expertise 


In the alternative protein industry, constructing facilities that meet the highest hygiene standards is crucial. We are well-versed in hygienic design requirements, a core element of meeting the expectations of regulatory bodies like CFIA and SQFI. Each component, from layout to equipment, is thoughtfully designed to adhere to the most stringent criteria of cleanliness and safety. 


Our expertise in designing and constructing facilities for food processing is unparalleled. As the future of food continues to evolve, we remain dedicated to ensuring that our clients have access to cutting-edge, compliant and safe facilities, facilitating the growth of this industry. Feel free to contact us today to discuss how we can assist in building your food processing facility. 




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