What Sets FWS Apart In Structural Engineering?

March 11, 2024

  FWS’ structural engineering team boasts extensive expertise encompassing concrete foundations, silos, steel structures and building designs. Our engineers are […]

Slipform construction by FWS with rainbow in background


FWS’ structural engineering team boasts extensive expertise encompassing concrete foundations, silos, steel structures and building designs. Our engineers are adept at envisioning and executing projects ranging from intricate foundations to towering steel structures. This diverse skill set positions us as a comprehensive solution provider in structural engineering.  


Comprehensive Engineering Solutions 


We collaborate seamlessly with piling contractors and geotechnical firms, gathering crucial information to craft optimal foundations and design structures. FWS’ expertise spans concrete foundations, steel structures, bolted/welded connections and pre-assembled modular designs, all focusing on creating efficient and constructible structures.  


In addition, we explore the possibilities of both stick builds and modular designs for on-site or off-site assembly, considering the incorporation of preloading equipment, especially in industrial facilities featuring conveyor bridges. Whether it’s designing slipform silos towering above 130 feet or intricate grain terminal foundations, our capabilities remain unmatched. 


One unique aspect of our team is the practical exposure gained by our new structural engineers. Upon joining FWS, these professionals engage in hands-on experience by working as labourers on a slipform concrete pour. This practice provides valuable real-world exposure and instills a deeper understanding of the products they design. 


Integrated Design Philosophy 


Our integrated approach centers on the seamless flow of products. Process engineers determine the flow and our structural engineers design support systems that prioritize functionality. By centralizing these processes under one roof, we enhance design efficiency and result in structures tailored to the facility’s unique requirements. 


Additionally, our focus extends beyond the realms of design, encompassing the entire lifecycle of a project. By maintaining a comprehensive view of the whole project, from conceptualization to completion, we are positioned to ensure effectiveness and quality control at every stage. This integrated methodology not only guarantees the efficiency of the design but also enables us to produce efficient and cost-effective structures in their construction, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to delivering value throughout the entire process. 


Safety As A Core Principle 


Safety is paramount in our design philosophy. Beyond ensuring structural robustness, we focus on creating cost-effective structures that prioritize end-user safety during operation and maintenance. This commitment underscores every aspect of our projects, from initial design to final build. 


Diverse Expertise 


Our structural engineering team is characterized by its diverse background and broad experience. From ground-up designs to supporting intricate storage systems and equipment, our engineers bring a wealth of knowledge to each project, applying their skills across various disciplines. At FWS, we pride ourselves on delivering designs and comprehensive solutions that align with our clients’ needs. 


Are you curious about how our expertise aligns with your goals? We welcome the opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussions. Feel free to reach out for an informal discussion or share insights about your upcoming ventures. Contact us today. 

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