FWS: The Ultimate Choice For Building A State Of The Art Storage Facility

June 26, 2023

  When it comes to industrial construction, FWS has established itself as the ultimate choice. With our extensive experience and […]

Construction of a Arch Rib Truss Storage Building in Bethune, Saskatchewan


When it comes to industrial construction, FWS has established itself as the ultimate choice. With our extensive experience and expertise in building diverse industrial structures, hiring FWS for your next project is a decision you won’t regret. 


The Capacity, Versatility And Precision Of FWS’ Work 


Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable features of a project owned by K+S Potash Canada that exemplifies FWS’ capabilities: the construction of two Arch Rib Truss Storage Buildings in Bethune, Saskatchewan. These buildings provide a combined capacity of 140,000 metric tonnes, with the larger structure alone accommodating a remarkable 100,000 tonnes. The expansive floor area spans over 15,000 square meters and the roof area exceeds 25,500 square meters. This impressive facility caters to both industrial-grade and fertilizer-grade product storage, offering versatility to meet diverse client needs. 


What truly sets FWS apart is our unwavering commitment to safety and quality. Throughout the project in Bethune, FWS self-performed over 250,000 man hours without a single lost time incident. This exceptional safety record showcases our dedication to creating a secure work environment for our team, ensuring every worker returns home safely. We believe a safe workplace is the cornerstone of any successful construction project. 


Implementing Lean Construction Principles 


For the first time in our company’s history, we fully integrated lean construction principles into this project, revolutionizing our construction processes and driving significant improvements. By embracing lean thinking, we were able to identify and eliminate waste, streamline activities and enhance overall project performance. By doing so, we realized several key benefits, including: 

  • Waste reduction: Through careful analysis and optimization, we eliminated unnecessary transportation, minimized inventory and reduced rework, leading to substantial waste reduction and cost savings. 
  • Improved quality: By prioritizing quality control and leveraging lean construction techniques, we ensured that each component of the storage buildings was carefully designed and flawlessly constructed. The emphasis on quality throughout the process resulted in a facility that exceeded industry standards and met the client’s specifications.


Delivering Excellence In Industrial Construction 


With FWS, you can trust that we will execute your industrial construction project with unparalleled precision and expertise. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of building a storage facility ensures each component is carefully designed and flawlessly constructed. We prioritize quality control, using top-grade materials and employing advanced construction techniques to deliver a facility that exceeds industry standards. 


Trust FWS to bring your vision to life. Contact us today and experience the pinnacle of industrial construction expertise for your storage facility needs. 


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