Pioneering Excellence In Slipform Construction

November 13, 2023

  Throughout the years, FWS’ commitment to customer satisfaction and adaptability has not only set new benchmarks for service but […]

Client's silo which was built through slipformming


Throughout the years, FWS’ commitment to customer satisfaction and adaptability has not only set new benchmarks for service but has also propelled the company into uncharted territories of expertise. One such groundbreaking technique that FWS embraced in the early 1980s is the slipform method.  


This approach has since positioned FWS as Canada’s foremost leader in specialized construction, notably with over 150 concrete structures built using this technique. Our portfolio boasts a range of projects, with many structures like inland grain terminals, mine shaft head frames, multi-level flour mills, malt germination towers, anaerobic digester tanks, water towers and cement distribution terminals. 


Understanding Slipform Construction 


Slipform construction is a vertical sliding-form method used for pouring concrete structures. It begins with the construction of a four-foot-high form, carefully positioned on top of a foundation. This form is supported and braced to maintain its shape during the continuous pouring process. Inside and outside forms create the wall cavity, within which reinforcing steel is meticulously tied together both vertically and horizontally to enhance the concrete wall’s structural integrity. 


The magic happens when the form is connected to jack rods equipped with hydraulic jacks. These jacks work in harmony, effortlessly moving the form vertically in minute increments while concrete is poured. The rate of “jacking” is proportional to the concrete’s curing rate, allowing the forms to be raised an impressive 20 to 24 feet per 24 hours. 


Once the pouring begins, it continues around the clock until the top of the structure is reached. This approach ensures that the concrete cures uniformly and without interruption, yielding a sturdy, monolithic structure that stands the test of time. 


Four Decades of Expertise 


Over the past four decades, FWS has consistently expanded its knowledge and expertise in slipform construction. We’ve not only honed our skills in design and engineering but have also refined the on-site construction process. With this wealth of experience, we can deliver slipform projects that combine efficient and cost-effective designs with highly trained and safety-conscious construction crews. 


As we reflect on our journey through slipform construction, we stand ready to bring your visions to life. Whether it’s an inland grain terminal, a multi-level flour mill or any other ambitious project, our seasoned experts and meticulous approach ensure your project is in the best hands. Reach out to us today, and let’s build a future that stands strong, just like our concrete structures. 

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