Our People

Board of Directors

Headshot of Gordon Barefoot

Gordon R. Barefoot

Chair, Board of Directors and Audit Committee
Headshot of Barry Brown

Barry Brown

Chair, Governance and Nominating Committee
Headshot of Len Penner

Len Penner

Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP) Trustee
Headshot of Karl Gerrand

Karl Gerrand

Headshot of Brent Clegg

Brent Clegg

President & CEO
Headshot of Naomi Gregoirie

Naomi Gregoire

Chief Financial Officer
Headshot of Francis St Hilaire

Francis St. Hilaire

Chief Strategy Officer & General Counsel
Headshot of Ted Fisher

Ted Fisher

Director, Business Development


Leadership Team

Kevin Chody

Vice President, Operations

Jason Coreau

Vice President, Business Development
Headshot of Nathan Hornick

Nathan Hornick

Managing Director, Liquid and Gas Handling
Headshot of Denis Tetrault

Denis Tétrault

Director, Sales & Marketing
Headshot of Dave Bruce

David Bruce

Director, Field Execution
Headshot of Jeff Oakes

Jeff Oakes

Director, Field Operations
Headshot of Kathleen Sylvestre

Kathleen Sylvestre

Director, Human Resources

Phil Watts

Managing Director, BMH

Landon Orchard

Director, Finance

Kevin Perrin

Managing Director, KPIC Services