The Collective Perspective

The Collective Perspective is an integrated approach to our business that emphasizes communication and collaboration between our teams. Every project has the benefit of input from every discipline, from design and engineering to construction and building teams.

What this means is that our clients are receiving full insights into their project, regardless of the phase that it is in. When you need us to plan your build from the ground-up, our design and engineering team works closely with our project planning and execution teams from the beginning to provide a quicker, more efficient build that has a much better ROI than projects that begin without the entire team in the room. 

Even if you’re only engaging us on the execution side of your build, our design and engineering team still makes recommendations to ensure that your project meets your needs without incurring risks for unexpected costs or change orders. 

This spirit of collaboration extends to one more person: YOU. Your input is just as important to us as the information we get from our expert team when we’re bringing your project to life. We keep you informed and involved in every step of the way as part of our collective. 

Here’s what we offer:

Integrated Design Build

Trusting, accelerated schedule, accurate budget, investment decision based on budget, on time project completion, minimized risk to owner.

DBB – Design-Bid-Build

Fully completed design and engineering and multiple contractor bids to move forward with project investment decision. Comfortable with the risk of project delays and budget overruns.

EPC – Engineering Procurement Construction

Upfront engineering and detailed design to satisfy multiple stakeholders. Diversify risk by owner appointed management consultant.

EPCM – Engineering Procurement Construction Management

Large scale projects with multiple disciplined engineering principles, upfront engineering and detailed design to satisfy stakeholders. Long-lead projects.

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