Empowering Indigenous Communities: PAR Program

November 20, 2023

  Our commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) Calls to Action drives us to make a tangible difference […]

Victoria Canada Jun 18, 2016: First Nation (Native) dancers performing at the Victoria Aboriginal Cultural Festival. Spectacular performances at the Royal BC Museum in the heart of downtown Victoria


Our commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) Calls to Action drives us to make a tangible difference in Indigenous communities. One way we do this is through our active participation in the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program. Established in 2001, the PAR program stands as a beacon of corporate responsibility, signaling our dedication to fostering positive relationships with Indigenous communities. It is a certification program that validates our corporate performance in Indigenous relations, reinforcing our reputation as a responsible corporate entity. 


Key Performance Areas 


The PAR program evaluates participating companies based on four performance areas: leadership actions, employment, business development and community relations. This comprehensive assessment ensures that our commitment to Indigenous relations translates into tangible actions and outcomes, solidifying our commitment to fostering positive and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities. 


A Journey Towards Progress 


To support our journey towards progressive improvement, the PAR program provides us with an online management and reporting tool. This tool helps us measure, monitor and enhance our collaborative endeavors, allowing us to identify areas for growth and refine our approach to Indigenous relations. 


However, the true strength of the PAR program lies in the high level of assurance it offers, thanks to independent, third-party verification of our reports. This validation process ensures that our efforts are transparent, measurable and aligned with the program’s principles. Such verification builds trust and credibility within our organization and among the Indigenous communities we collaborate with. 


The Power Of TRC 


Our belief in Truth and Reconciliation runs through the core of our organization, reflected in our corporate policy and operational activities. Through our participation in the PAR program, we actively contribute to the calls to action laid out by the TRC, striving to create a more stable and sustainable future for Indigenous peoples and Nations. We are proud to be associated with this transformative initiative and remain committed to building bridges of reconciliation, respect and shared prosperity. Together, we can shape a brighter and more inclusive future for all Canadians. 

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