Celebrating Education and Community Spirit: FWS 2023 Scholarship & Volunteerism Awards

October 23, 2023

  As part of our ongoing commitment to being an Employer of Choice, FWS is thrilled to announce the recipients […]

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As part of our ongoing commitment to being an Employer of Choice, FWS is thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2023 Scholarship & Volunteerism Awards, a tradition we’ve upheld for the past 14 years. We understand the financial challenges that post-secondary education can pose for our employees and their families, and so, we continue this initiative with great pride. In the spirit of nurturing talent and giving back to our community, a total of 25 scholarships and three volunteerism awards were granted this year to deserving students. 


FWS Scholarship: Investing in the Future 


We are dedicated to nurturing the aspirations of the next generation, and that’s why we initiated our scholarship program in 2010. Over the years, we’ve not only increased the number of scholarships available but also raised the amounts for eligible or dependent children of FWS employees. This year, the scholarship pool for deserving applicants totals $16,250. The scholarships are categorized as follows: 


  • $1,000 First-Year Post-Secondary Students: This category saw a total of $7,000 awarded, benefiting the following deserving individuals: Porter Chody, Adelle Dauz, Ethan DeCoursey, Erin March, Julia Marr, Grace Modin and Connor Reid. 
  • $750 Post-Secondary Graduates Entering A New Field: Joseph Salazar is the deserving recipient of this scholarship, marking our commitment to supporting continuous learning. 
  • $500 Continuation of Post-Secondary Studies: An impressive $8,500 was granted to students continuing their educational journey. The recipients include Rhyz Abella, Garnet Chody, Annabella Coreau, Gracy Coreau, Sofia Dauz, Vincent Gillespie, Corban Havelock, Emily James, Francine Manalo, Abbigail Modin, Noah Ott, Alex Sotnikow, Lucas Sotnikow, Aaron St. Hilaire, Jonah St. Hilaire, Shane Thorarinson and Diana Topolnitska. 


Volunteerism Awards: The Spirit Of Giving Back 


For many years, FWS has actively encouraged its employees to engage in volunteer work, fostering a culture of giving back to our communities. Since 2018, we have extended this encouragement to the children of our employees, recognizing their potential to make a difference. In 2023, we are delighted to acknowledge three graduating high school students who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to volunteerism. 


Three awards, each valued at $750, were presented to individuals who exemplify the spirit of volunteerism and community engagement. Adelle Dauz, Julia Marr and Grace Modin have not only given their time but also their hearts to causes that matter to them. 


In celebrating these remarkable individuals and their achievements, we reaffirm our commitment to education, personal growth and community spirit. The FWS Scholarship & Volunteerism Awards program continues to be a source of pride for us as we invest in the future of our employees and their families while nurturing a sense of responsibility towards the communities we serve. Congratulations to all the recipients, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact you will undoubtedly continue to make. 

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