Unveiling The Six Tenets Of Lean Construction: Part Two

January 15, 2024

  Welcome to Part Two of our two-part blog series on lean construction principles in the industry. In Part One, […]

Efficiency of Lean Construction Management is shown by a six sigma curve


Welcome to Part Two of our two-part blog series on lean construction principles in the industry. In Part One, we explored three tenets of lean construction: generation of value, removal of waste and focus on process & flow. These principles form the bedrock of our approach, ensuring that we deliver maximum value to our clients while minimizing waste and streamlining our processes. In this concluding part of the series, we will delve into the remaining three tenets: continuous improvement, respect for people and optimizing the whole. 


Continuous Improvement 


There is always room for improvement, and we embrace a culture of learning and growth. By documenting and disseminating improved processes as standard work, we can identify areas of improvement and lock in solutions that lead to better outcomes. This iterative approach, guided by the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, which encourages problem-solving, observation, listening and interaction, enables us to refine our operations and continuously deliver increasingly superior results. 


Respect For People 


Not only is respect for people a value we hold dear, but also a fundamental principle that underlies all the other tenets. We recognize the contributions and potential of every individual within our organization. By fostering an environment of respect, collaboration and support, we empower our team members to excel and contribute their best work. Respect for people also extends to our clients, suppliers and partners as we strive to build strong relationships based on trust. 


Optimizing The Whole 


Finally, optimizing the whole is a fundamental principle that guides our decision-making process on project sites. Rather than solely maximizing the scope of work for individual crews or trades, we prioritize decisions that benefit the project, and ultimately, the end customer. This approach may require respective units to adjust their working methods or production rates to support the needs of other trades on the project. This overall optimization requires seamless coordination and collaboration, and ensures that our focus on customer value is unwavering.  


Lean construction has transformed the way we operate. By embracing the six tenets, we have significantly saved time and cost while delivering maximum value to our clients. Lean construction is not just a methodology; it is a mindset that empowers our team to continuously improve, eliminate waste and provide exceptional service to our clients. If you’re seeking a partner that embraces efficiency, excellence and innovation, we invite you to contact us for your next project. With our expertise and dedication to lean construction, we are ready to collaborate with you to bring your vision to life, meet your expectations and build a future of success together.  

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