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Project Type: Liquid and Gas

Proton Technologies Inc. 10-14 Satellite Well Tie-in

June 23, 2021

The scope of work included: •  Flex piping at wellhead •  3” produced emulsion (PE) line •  3” produced gas […]

Transfer conveyors, Multi-hearth furnace Crushing systems aerial view Bienfait_1 activated carbon plant mining facility engineering Energy Ag-industrial Bulk material handling Carbon plant Hearth furnace Crushing system Pneumatic conveyance Ancillary structures

Activated Carbon Plant

October 7, 2019

biogas Manure feed building Digester/pumphouse & roofs Mechanical supply and install Piping works Electrical biogas facility Ag-industrial Biogas Manure feed Digester Pumphouse Concrete digester tank Slipform concrete

Biogas Facility

October 7, 2019