In the Community

FWS believes it has a corporate responsibility to give back appropriately to the communities in which it operates. This can take many forms, from the employment that is created – to the many employee focused and/or charitable causes that are happily supported. Our ability to do this is a direct function of our success and our ongoing commitment to the communities in which we work and play.

FWS’ charitable giving budget is reviewed annually and has grown proportionately with success achieved. We donate to organizations that tend to be where our branch offices are located, however also invest in other initiatives and organization that benefit all communities through the services they provide.


As do others, FWS believes it has a social responsibility to provide needed support when natural disasters occur. Unfortunately, these occur all too frequently, but and we are happy to step up when necessary. Equally important, however, are the ongoing causes that exist daily in our communities. FWS supports many causes and our employees are encouraged to participate in the “Spirit of Giving” by having their own charitable donations matched by FWS up to a predetermined level.






Before a donation is made, the charity/organization generally needs to be aligned with our mandate, which focuses heavily on kids, health and the community. If you think your organization/charity may fit our mandate, please contact Lisa Hughes at and our donations committee will consider adding it to our list.