Sunstone Development Services

Signature Sunstone projects are recognized for the creative elements that differentiate them from conventional real estate offerings. Such elements include unique design and location factors, as well as the strong blend of quality and style that’s necessary to capture the imagination of end users.


Sunstone generally works with a core group of financial investors, creating private equity interests in projects that are designed, developed and sold as quickly and efficiently as possible.




Build & Sell Residential

Condominium development has long been a Sunstone strength, having successfully completed over 1,400 housing units. Sunstone projects generally range from small 30-unit developments that are developed very quickly – to significantly larger and more complex projects that take years to fully develop and sell.


Build & Hold Residential

Sunstone has successfully developed apartment buildings for long-term investors. These have been retained for their positive cash flow – or in other cases sold after an appropriate period, thereby allowing the investors to capitalize on the value added, equity lift created.


Third Party Development Services

Recognizing that many landowners and potential real estate investors often have access to quality project opportunities (e.g. land and capital resources) yet lack the human resources and expertise to successfully develop their project, Sunstone will contract to do so for them on a fee for service basis. This may involve new greenfield projects, as well as distressed projects that need professional assistance to get back on track.


Boutique Hotel Development

The successful development of the “mere Hotel” brand has positioned Sunstone to consider similar boutique hotel development on a selective basis. Sunstone’s strong construction background, coupled with the important lessons learned in the hotel development process, formed the foundation for the success of mere Hotel in Winnipeg.


Quality of location is paramount, and Sunstone will develop hotel opportunities on its own, or in partnership with those who have unique properties and are looking for a viable investment strategy.

Sunstone Development Services TEAM

Bill Coady M.B.A., B.E.S.

Chief Executive Officer

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Jason Coreau P.Eng.

President & Managing Director

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Christine Wilson-MacLeod

Leader, Design & Development

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