Lean Construction

We are an industry leader in Lean project planning and construction with committed company leadership and a highly trained team of certified Lean specialists. Lean project delivery is not a widespread practice in the construction industry, which is typically known for waste, budget overruns and schedule delays. The reduction of waste and continuous improvement driven by the application of Lean principles, translates to significant time and cost savings which ultimately result in maximized value delivered to our clients.



Last Planner System

We use this collaborative planning approach to optimize efficiency and workflow on our job sites. We ensure that potential constraints in our workflow are identified and rectified well in advance while efficiently coordinating all subtrades. This system also ensures all prerequisite work has been completed before a new task is started.


5S Organization

5S stands for sort, straighten, shine, standardize and sustain. The focus of 5S is to optimize site and storage organization by ensuring that all areas of our job sites are clearly identified and standardized. Material and tool kits are assembled in advance for specific tasks, saving time and reducing mistakes.


Continuous Improvement

We institute Lessons Learned sessions for each project we complete, to review our successes and challenges. All parties are invited to share ideas and feedback on solutions to problems encountered, productivity improvements and waste reduction. Over the long term, this continuous improvement culture leads to innovation and maximized client value.