How To Land An Engineering Co-Op At FWS

January 22, 2024

  At FWS, our engineering student program is designed to be an immersive experience. We pair new engineering co-op students […]

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At FWS, our engineering student program is designed to be an immersive experience. We pair new engineering co-op students with seasoned structural or process engineers, initiating a journey marked by mentorship, collaboration and skill-building.  


Dynamics at FWS 


Engineering students are entrusted with tasks that encourage them to dive deep into their roles, allowing them to ask questions, seek guidance and learn by doing. Work undergoes meticulous review, ensuring fine attention to detail before implementation. As the students build experience, they gradually gain autonomy while still working under the guidance of our experienced engineers. 


Choosing The Right Students 


When selecting an engineering co-op student, we look beyond academic achievements. While a strong GPA is appreciated, we prioritize practical experience. We seek candidates who have tackled real-world challenges on construction sites or extracurricular activities like the SAE design team or the University of Manitoba Steel Bridge Design Team. We value hands-on experience, the ability to work under tight deadlines and a penchant for taking on additional responsibilities. 


Ultimately, a standout engineering co-op student possesses a blend of excellent communication and social skills coupled with strong technical abilities. We seek individuals who can seamlessly integrate into a collaborative work environment, engaging with various fields and sub-contractors, as well as learning from experienced professionals. A great engineer is more than someone who can design; they should be a strong communicator and a team player. 


The FWS Co-Op Experience 


FWS offers a unique experience, providing engineering co-op students with exposure to the dynamic world of design-build. Our co-op students can take part directly in a slipform concrete pour, gaining hands-on experience and interacting directly with on-site professionals. On top of that, co-op students at FWS don’t just learn how to design; they learn the art of integrating field perspective into their work. This emphasis on incorporating practical insights ensures that designs are technically sound and user-friendly for constructability in the shop and on-site. Bridging the gap between engineers and tradespeople is crucial, as understanding the challenges faced in the field leads to more efficient and effective designs. 


Working at FWS opens doors to diverse opportunities within the design-build world. Interacting with different departments allows the students to discover their strengths and preferences. Whether inclined towards hands-on design work, project planning or project management, FWS provides a platform for students to explore various roles under the same roof. This flexibility within the organization allows students to align their roles with their evolving skill sets, making informed decisions about their future paths. 


Advice for Prospective Co-Op Students 


For those aspiring to work at FWS as an engineering summer student, craft a solid resume and cover letter (penned by yourself, not ChatGPT!) that highlights experiences inside and outside the classroom. Highlighting a diverse skill set, including real-world applications and problem-solving, will set you apart. Demonstrating your ability to adapt and contribute to a collaborative work environment will make your application shine in our selection process. Be sure to highlight the tasks you have personally worked on and gotten to be hands-on with! 


Ready for an experience that’s more than a desk job? We invite aspiring engineers to embark on this journey with us, where every day is a chance to learn, grow and contribute to the innovative and collaborative spirit that defines FWS. Connect with us today 

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