FWS’ Strategies To Protect Biodiversity

April 22, 2024

  FWS places a high value on preserving and protecting the balance of our ecosystems, especially on this Earth Day. […]

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FWS places a high value on preserving and protecting the balance of our ecosystems, especially on this Earth Day. While essential for development, we understand that our projects can impact the environment and the diverse life it sustains. Therefore, we are committed to taking proactive measures to ensure the well-being of animals, plants and their habitats. 


How Does FWS Protect Biodiversity?


Our approach to biodiversity preservation begins with open and effective communication. Suppose any team member encounters an injured animal, a bird’s nest, a swarm of insects or any other wildlife-related issue at our project sites. In that case, they immediately contact our Corporate Health, Safety and Environment department. Working together, we determine the most appropriate course of action that minimizes harm to the organisms and their habitats while adhering to regulations and considering project requirements. 


Balancing Development and Environment 


Maintaining a harmonious coexistence between a healthy environment and development is essential. To achieve this, we proactively incorporate measures into our project design and construction processes to protect and enhance local habitats whenever feasible. 


1. Habitat Restoration 

Our efforts adhere to the ‘no net loss’ principle, ensuring that our projects avoid harm and contribute positively to local ecosystems. This involves creating, restoring and enhancing habitats to protect vegetation, animal species and sensitive areas like fish spawning grounds. 


2. Regulatory and Non-Regulatory Requirements 

Biodiversity preservation is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour. We recognize that regulatory and non-regulatory requirements vary depending on the specific scope of work. Therefore, we meticulously identify these requirements to ensure we meet the standards for protecting biodiversity.  


3. Collaboration with Local Communities 

We work closely with local communities and environmental organizations wherever and whenever appropriate. Together, we strategize ways to protect local wildlife and support conservation efforts. This collaborative effort ensures that our projects benefit the environment and the communities where we operate. 


4. Preservation Of Heritage Sites 

In addition to our dedication to biodiversity, we are equally committed to protecting heritage sites within project areas. We have established procedures to identify and communicate with stakeholders regarding suspected and actual heritage sites. This ensures that our operations do not negatively affect these significant locations.  


At FWS, we are committed to integrating environmentally responsible practices in every project. If you are looking for a construction partner who shares your values and is dedicated to minimizing environmental impact while delivering exceptional results, we encourage you to contact us today. Your vision for environmentally responsible construction is not just our mission; it’s our shared responsibility. 

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