Ensuring Safety: Behavior Around Powered Mobile Equipment

July 24, 2023

  As a leading provider of construction and industrial services, we understand the risks associated with working around Powered Mobile […]

Power mobile equipment on site


As a leading provider of construction and industrial services, we understand the risks associated with working around Powered Mobile Equipment (PME), including telehandlers, skid-steers, mini excavators and aerial lift platforms. Unfortunately, each year in Canada, workers suffer serious injuries or fatalities due to PME incidents. To prevent such tragedies, we want to emphasize the importance of responsible behavior around these equipments.  


Compliance And Training 


At FWS, all employees comply with established safe work practices and procedures for PME. It includes following operational guidelines and protocols to create a secure working environment. Effective training is also crucial to ensure safe PME operation. Employees receive comprehensive training on the equipment they will be using, familiarize themselves with the associated risks and conduct pre-job hazard assessments to identify and implement necessary control measures. By understanding potential hazards, our team actively mitigates risks, ensuring their safety and that of their colleagues. 


Operational Safety 


Maintaining control of the PME at all times is critical for safe operations. Our personnel always operate the equipment safely, adhering to established protocols. It includes using seatbelts and other safety equipment provided, as they are designed to protect against potential incidents. Any workers who encounter any conditions affecting the safe operation of the equipment will promptly report them to their supervisor, tag the faulty equipment and remove the equipment from service until it is fully repaired by a professional. 


Preventive Measures 


To further ensure safety, our crew conducts a pre-use inspection before using the equipment. Documenting these inspections allows for accountability and early identification of any potential issues. Employees avoid walking under suspended and lower loads, as well as control and neutralize a power shut-off when the equipment is not in use or left unattended. These preventive measures reduce the risk of incidents and injuries. 


Enhanced Awareness 


Maintaining awareness of one’s surroundings is crucial when working around PME. Workers watch for pedestrian traffic and utilize spotters in congested areas or when visibility is poor. It is also vital never to tamper with the equipment’s safety devices, as they are specifically designed to protect the operator and others in the vicinity. Personnel approach PME from the front or cab side and always leave a safe distance of space between parked equipment. Lastly, regularly reviewing PME operator training is essential for staying updated on the latest safety practices and guidelines. Our team conducts an annual review to refresh knowledge and reinforce safe operating procedures. 


Working around PME is undeniably one of the most dangerous tasks performed on worksites. At FWS, we prioritize safety and strive to create a culture of responsible behavior around PME. By complying with safety practices, receiving effective training and maintaining awareness, we can collectively prevent incidents, injuries and fatalities. Safety is a shared responsibility, and it begins with each individual’s commitment to following guidelines and promoting a secure working environment.  

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