Confidence Crane Services

The nature of craning operations place Safety at the forefront of all we do. Similarly, quality assurance and control are critical to CCL services, as our performance inherently impacts the success of others that we work with.


CCL originated with a focus on FWS projects, however is now growing steadily and creating the capacity to offer services to other industry players.



Crane Services
Crane services are available on an hourly or contract basis.  We work with potential clients to develop cost effective solutions for provision of equipment and manpower resources necessary to complete projects safely and in minimum time frames.

Lift Studies
CCL will assume responsibility for development of lift studies that efficiently and safely define the best means of approaching complex lift requirements.  Craning is a specialized field and CCL management’s years of senior level experience are available to benefit our clients.

Engineered Lift Drawings
Solutions are often complicated, so the engagement of experienced engineering resources is often required to properly define a scope of work – as well as the safest approaches to resolution.  CCL can access both internal FWS resources for such services, as well as external specialists as required.

Confidence Crane Services

Warren Emberton

Managing Director

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