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K+S Potash Canada, Bethune, Regina SK – Solution Mine

Project Description

K+S Potash is building a solution mine in Bethune Saskatchewan. FWS was engaged to construct two product storage buildings on site.  Both buildings are of similar design, the Fertilizer storage building is the larger of the two at 186m x 60m, while the Industrial storage building is 72mx60m.  Both buildings include of underground tunnels for reclaim conveyance equipment and have 300mm thick concrete floors for equipment and product storage.  The structure is composed of wood glulam beams which free span the full 60m width and are spaced every 6m.  The loads are transferred through the glulam’s to 18’ tall concrete buttresses which rest on pile caps with vertical and battered piles beneath them. In addition to this, FWS is providing the tripper gallery which includes the design and installation tripper gallery steel structure and the installation of the tripper conveyor.

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