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Apprenticeship awards - FWS Group

Proud recipients of 2011 & 2013 Journeyperson of the Year award and continuing member of Manitoba’s apprenticeship program.

Journeyperson of the Year

November 2011 – Forwards

Every year, Apprenticeship Manitoba presents the opportunity for employers to nominate one of their employees for the award of Journeyperson of the Year. This candidate must demonstrate passion and pride for their trade as well as dedication and talent to train and mentor young apprentices. With many qualified candidates this year, FWS chose to nominate Dain Lanoutte for the Journeyperson of the Year award. The Gala night dinner and ceremony was held on November 4, 2011, and with that, FWS is proud to announce that Dain has won this distinction!

We asked Dain to share a few words on his experience with FWS and the Apprenticeship program:

“I was originally hired as a draftsman by a machine shop and they put me on the shop floor to “see how they do things”. After 2 weeks they offered me an apprenticeship as a machinist because I could read a blueprint and I accepted because I could make more money as a machinist than a Draftsman. I lucked out and was trained by a journeyman that went out of his way to show me the “tricks of the trade” and train me on the finer details. I try to carry that experience forward with all my apprentices and it helps them when they go to school to be ahead of the curve. The best thing about the apprenticeship program is the passing on of the skills and trade knowledge. I believe that this is important to the company so it can continue to grow. We need skilled people to build the things we build and the apprenticeship program helps make that happen. I am really humbled by this award. I have always found it very important to help the younger generation to find a good career path and promoting the apprenticeship program achieves this.”

FWS is extremely proud of Dain and would like to congratulate him on this great achievement!