FWS Group Advantage - FWS Group

“Innovative Solutions for Building Value”

The above Mission Statement reflects FWS’ purpose and objectives, as well as defines what we strive to achieve for all clients. The FWS Group of Companies achieves its mission by pursuing a focused approach to its activities. Each FWS business unit offers specialized skills and resources required to effectively serve their target markets and while FWS activities are not strictly limited to the following areas, the following summary is representative of primary activities arising out of our core skill sets:

  • Winnipeg – FWS Ag-Industrial
  • Calgary – FWS Energy
  • Vancouver – FWS Bulk Material Handling

The FWS Value Proposition

Integrated Design-Build

FWS provides an approach to project development that is difficult for most to replicate. Working collaboratively with clients, we guide projects through the various stages of development, including:

  • Preliminary design
  • Preliminary budget
  • Final design
  • Guaranteed pricing
  • Regulatory approval
  • Construction
  • Commissioning and turnover

For decades, FWS has been investing in the development of the professional resources required to effectively understand owner requirements as an integral part of the design and project development process. The collaborative approach, coupled with FWS’ extensive experience and ability to bring construction expertise to the table at the earliest stages of project development, ensures that we can consistently meeting our clients’ objectives at the most cost effective price.

In the integrated design-build process, design and construction are overlapped and integrated, from definition of requirements, through preliminary conceptual design, and ultimately with project execution and completion. We ensure that all disciplines communicate, become fully synchronized and are coordinated, thereby reducing costs, improving flexibility and creating improved project schedules. This unique team-based perspective is regularly applied to traditional design-bid-build, Project Management and Construction Management projects, depending on the client’s wishes.

FWS prides itself on the ability to “cut the glove to suit the hand” and will spend considerable time working with clients to ensure they understand the benefits and apportioned responsibility associated with each approach.